Chakde India - A Synopsis

I went to the movie with very less expectations. I am no big fan of Sharukh, Swadesh being an exception.

But Chakde for a change came as a surprise package for me, not only with Sharuk in a natural performance but also many more things to add to it.

Chak De, starts with a very good excitement of a match and then slowly drops into a certain emotional saga, but just before you can even think more, it zooms off with an amazing spirit as the 17 new girls from different parts of the country are introduced in a way that define their characters. The interesting thing about the girls is they all look so raw, they are not very familiar faces, probably never acted before either, and that is why may be give a very natural performance. A high BP Punjabi girl to an illiterate from Jarkhand, to a Manipuri, to an arrogant experienced player, to a tom boyish haryana girl each character have been masterfully etched.

So there starts a story of a coach trying to unite the different faces of India, different cultures of India, different voices of India. The film is full of great dialogues that will make the crowd go clapping and shouting with enthusiasm. This is the first film I have watched that has so much enthusiasm in the multiplexes too… and that too in Mangalore, where the crowd in normal theaters too are very silent and absorbed. But you have to give it to the director, performance, dialogues and the background music.

Few Lovely messages or short moments from the film –

The Telgu girl trying to explain the difference between Telgu and Tamil.

The Manipuri girls disappointment when she is treated as a guest, says – “Kya Aap Apne Hi Desh Mein Meheman Banake Rehana Pasand Karenge?” (Would You like to be treated as guests in your own country?)

The fun with people not knowing about Jarkhand shows our ignorance towards so many states of India.

The Hockey committee, which do not take the team seriously and enjoy Samosas and teas served instead.

The inter team competition between the tomboy Komal and Gorgeous Preeti, who deny to pass ball to each other and want to make maximum goals themselves portrays a very good example for need of good team coordination and no individual selfish motives.

Arrogant senior Bindya trying to create friction within the team and coach and her final changeover shows the importance of how a senior team member should behave and guide the team.

Importance of controlling anger during game is well shown with the example of the Punjabi girl.

A match with arrogant Argentina team shows need of being aggressive at times.

The film also sets an example for need of good captain who can support and encourage them and most important stand by them and make collective decision for the teams benefit.

The match with Boys Hockey team shows the need for encouragement and support for women in India.

Several places of attack towards the priority given to Cricket clearly depict the present situation of how other games are being ignored.

Failure of the Indian committees to provide coach and players with necessary utilities speaks of lack of sponsors for games other than cricket.

Beauty of Sharuk’s character is in its secretive and silent nature. He does not react much, but his silence shows vast pain and suppressed anger within him. No hero would be portrayed that way, at least in Bollywood movies, but this film is more realistic and gives a very beautiful character to Sharuk which he portrays in a very fine manner. And thanks to him for not overacting, which he does in many other romantic movies. But the winners are definitely the director and the girls, they just rock.

Watch Chak De if you want to see a proper blend of Commercial and Mainstream cinema, with good message, with excellent performances and excitement of being involved in a game.


  1. I watched ChakDe India when i was in mumbai last week.. a good movie. beyond my expectations. and there are a lot of good messages too...

  2. Wonderful post Ajeya. I can feel the warmth of your satisfaction after seeing this movie, I have to see this one. One thing I want to mention is very few Bollywood movie give scope for proper acting, thus many good actor can not express their best. But I guess ChakDe is exceptional.

  3. seriously.. a real gud movie after a long time!!!

  4. @Drama Div - Welcome to my blog... Glad u liked the movie without understanding the language.

    @Pijush - Thanks Pijush, I agree, Bollywood unlike the South Indian or regional films does not explore the talents in an actor, they always try to be safe with romantic movies or dirty comedies....:-)

    @Bharat J - Yep it is....after a loooong time

    @Bharat J -

  5. Chak De interested me form the trailors itself and after seeing the film, it certainly gave a new kind of energy. It also its not always self but sometimes working and more importantly supporting the team in which you are is very important...a very well written review about this movie and makes me watch it again!

  6. @Kalyan - Thanks...I have watched this film 3 times already and this has been a record till date of me watching the movie 3 times in a week. :-)

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I have not been to cinema for a long long time. You inspired me to catch a movie. Thanks. :)

  8. Aaaahhhhh, one of those few people who have not seen it till date. Will have to drag Sesha one of these days! Thanks for the review.


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