Trivial Matters!

I love how the curtain flies with the wind; should I call it as slowing of the winds flow or the inspiration from the winds touch? May be the later; sounds positive.

I love the soft music playing on my laptop, as I write on the pages of my diary or maybe simply clean the house.

I love the moments with a book that takes me to a different world; a world of writers imagination blended with mine.

I love the small tasks, such as weekly cleaning of bike, house or my belongings; they bring me closer to things I own.

I love the smell of the food I cook on a Sunday; the coffee that I drink when the evening breeze smoothly brushes behind my ear.

I love the sense of doing nothing, but relaxing on a Sunday. In spite of doing nothing it seems as though I have worked all day.

I love the sight of the flowers in the plants housed in two pots; they make me realize that they need me, every single day.

I love the lazy evening, watching down at my neighborhood, people walking, talking, smiling and leaving the day behind as it melts away.

I love the thoughts of the past, childhood may be or of college perhaps or anything that brings a smile on to my face.
I love to arrange my books, my shelf, to throw the unwanted and feel less burdened from those papers, those thoughts, and those past to which we unnecessarily are attached to.

I love my morning walks, looking at the house built fabulously, gardens so well maintained, or just at the early morning sweeper or the people whose day starts early.

I love the silent prayers, at a temple or at home; they make me feel strong from within.

In short, I love all that they call as “Trivial”. They, I say; as I know not who gave them the right to name it so. It is these small things in life that brings us joy at lonely times to change them to - “loneliness by choice.” We long to have such moments; as they allow us to discover ourselves; to notice them or to call them trivial; to love them or to ignore them. I crave for them at times when I get too busy and stressed. Yes for me, Trivial matters!


  1. u gettin poetic. Ki haal hai?? smell somethin fishy!!!

  2. I think I get these kind of days when I travel. With a 5 member family even my weekends are pretty hectic. That is why I love to travel! And what a lovely post this is.

  3. Absolute wonderful !!

    I liked your trivial matters very much. The most simple things do wonders for us. I think we vibe here very much.

    And that poem 'Lost & found' ?? Hmmm.. so Ajeya is a poet as well ? Never knew it. :)

  4. @B Jhurani - :-) Nothing fishy here....just bored....:-))

    @Mridula - Thanks. Yep traveling is the best time for such moments.

    @Cuckoo - :-) Cool you noticed that poem. Well, yes I am a poet too. Find 4 of my poems here -

    Type First name - Ajeya
    Last name - Rao

  5. Beauty in simple things....nice post!

  6. Beautiful write up.

    "I love the thoughts of the past, childhood may be.."
    I love it too. Would you like to read my post on Nostalgia that touches on those feelings?

    Agreed, at times, the complexity of the present day world troubles our minds. Glad you find inspiration and joy in these trivial things.

    This new blogger has visited you before. I write a comment first time now.

  7. Nice post ! I m sure lot of us can relate to similar things ...and as u said, only when we get busy , we miss those moments ..

  8. @Ash - Thanks

    @Indicaspices - Thanks and welcome to the blog. Did read your poem and liked it equally.

    @Reborn - Welcome back.How have you been? Any new posts? will check anyway. :-)

  9. You have so many qualities? Wish I could have, Ajeya I am impressed to know that you can scence the God of small things.


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