Pearl Valley

I met my friend Srik after a long time last weekend. We were roommates a few years back and I have always enjoyed his company and the long debates and discussions we have had in the past; they remain to be one of the best ever. We both share the same craze for traveling, trekking and adventure. So when we met it was decided that we would go on a ride on his new bought Royal Enfield Bullet.

After a lot of talk we left to Pearl Valley at about 1:30 PM. This place is only 40Kms from Bangalore after Bannarghata national park, near Annekalu. The busy traffic on Bannarghata road bothered us for a while but once we passed the national park, it was truly an amazing ride. Wide spread farms; flowers, vegetables, creepers all surrounded us to create a perfect picture. It’s a scenic ride only at an hour’s drive from the city. The place is really cool. We walked down the valley to the falls. But to our disappointment there was absolutely no water flowing from the top, may be a very thin stream, less than the tap water flow, was awaiting us.

A small Shiva temple in front of the falls, midst the dense forest created a very serene atmosphere. People still enjoyed the area without any water flowing. A family was even cooking their food there in the forest.

Srik brought it up first, to climb up to the other side of the valley. I looked at him and saw the enthusiasm to explore. I knew all that was needed at that moment was a nod from me. I shared the same spirit as him thus said an obvious yes. The walk up was not difficult at all; we made our own way to the top. The view from the top was amazing.

We returned and rode back. On the way stopped at the beautiful Meenakshi temple. Srik and I speak a lot on spirituality. Srik has a lot of knowledge on our Dharma and Karma and I enjoy discussing it with him.

All together it was a short but very nice trip, away from the busy city life and traffic!


  1. It was nice knowing about the place and some wonderfully captured shots as usual!

  2. @Bharat J - Thanks Dude

    @Kalyan - Thanks

  3. AnonymousJuly 29, 2007

    very peaceful and nice photos!!
    i want to see more temples.

  4. Seems like you had fun! It's amazing that there was such a huge change in scenery with only 40kms apart!

  5. @Niki - Thanks...Sure will send you some.

    @Edmund - Yep its a drastic change in scenery.

  6. nice pictures.. why is that place called pearl valley ????


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