Wonder La

It was a company organized picnic on 21st of April, 2007; a Saturday. Many of our colleagues Said a "No" for a Saturday and many had found interesting (funny even) reasons not to attend. I found none, thus decided to go for it. :-)
Sometimes when we expect the least, we receive more fun and happiness, probably because that is when we just flow with the moment, accept & enjoy things as it comes without pre-determined objectives or opinions.

After an hour’s wait, S & I finally boarded the company tour bus at town hall, Bangalore. We first drove directly to Bidadi, to the site where our new office is coming up. After surveying the progress of work, we had a very good breakfast there. The excellent quality of food left us with no choice but taste all the 6-7 varieties of items. After this delicious treat we set off to Wonderla only a few minutes’ drive from the office premises.

At Wonderla we all assembled at a multipurpose hall were an external agency had been invited to conduct fun games for us. A nice looking girl, with bright blue and pink colored clothing (to suite the atmosphere) had some fun games ready to get us started. Our team was easily noticed as cheaters, so to keep up the name, we left no chance to cheat in each and every game. Instead of sucking nuts with use of a straw and then dropping it into an empty cup placed at a distance, we took some nuts ready in our mouth to spit them out into the cup. On the way some were swallowed too. :-)
In another game we had to transfer water from one cup to other only with use of our mouth, as the water kept spilling, it also kept filling from other end. :-) So finally, looking at our innovative ideas to cheat we were declared the best cheaters and were given a special prize.

After lunch we were on our way to explore the amusement park.

S, K, C, V and I formed a group and we decided together to finish the dry rides by 3:30 PM and then spend rest of the time at wet rides, After dumping our belongings at the locker room (maintained well) we started on the rides.

First ride was some sort of swing seat, swinging at an axis perpendicular to our seats. It was a good start. Next we rode a small toy train. Looking at the cave structure we expected it to be a nice ride but it was a simple ride which kids too did not bother to take. We could not stop laughing at that ride.

Drop Zone

Next was drop zone, where the seat we sit in, is made to drop from a height. After which we sat in another excellent ride called Maverick. This ride will make you go crazy because it rotates in all possible direction, all angles, and all axes. Don’t miss this ride!

Maverik Ride

Another ride, similar to maverick was like a slow poison, we were made to hang at an angle and slowly the seat rotated in all sorts of angle. It had four arms and each arm had a seat independently rotating in an axis of its own. So we were in awkward position, hanging mid air looking down at the entire setup, some shed and cement ground. The slow ride, squeaking sound of the arms got us even scared for a while and the maintenance guy came and even adjusted some seat before we got down. We joked that he was tightening few bolts. :-)
Next we went to the water rides. First we enjoyed the pool. Then we walked into something called rain disco. Thinking of staying there just for a while, we entered but the total atmosphere could not stop us from blending into the loud music, dim lights, sprinklers and showers with chilled water and disco lights flashing. We danced like mad, releasing all feeling of insecurity, worries and let ourselves flow with the music, least bothering of the surrounding.

After that, we took some water rides; sliding on a twister pipe, following its turns and a coracle ride again on a twisted pipe. Next we enjoyed the artificial waves generated at the pool and we enjoyed our day with a water splash ride.

The day was excellent, if I try looking for the reasons, it might be because all five of us coordinated very well with each other; we planned the events properly and all shared the same spirit. May it be the type of dry rides, rain disco, wet rides, all shared the same level of enthusiasm and fun. Which I think made the trip a great success. Nobody cribbed about a ride or showed varied interests. Team coordination, decisions and enthusiasm made this day a fun filled, never forgetting trip in which I think all of us lived in the moment, then and there.

Please visit Wonder la or any amusement park for that matter, since it allows you to explore and enjoy the fun involved in a moment at that given particular time.


  1. nice detailed description.. now i feel lik actually goin there.. u game??

  2. good one, So you had fun :-)

  3. Seems like u had a great time!

    *makes a mental note to visit WOnder La the next time I land up in Blore*


  4. Another one in my list when I go to B'lore.
    I am the first one to go for those terror rides and it is so much fun always.

    Nice description like mine ;)

  5. AnonymousJune 03, 2007

    awww the pic of Maverick is amazing!!!
    glad to hear that u had a good time..
    the games seem to be strange to us tho. haha~

  6. Ajeya s Rao neevu mangaloorinavara... Pal...One thing is for sure...the way you capture the moments through the blog is amazing...Wonder why i don't feel the same...Excellent..Lage Raho Ajeya...One thing is for sure...I am going to start off the Blogging from this month and have decided to write at least one blog per month..Thanks to you and Mahesh for the inspiration..Let me see how it turns out :)

  7. @ Bharat - Thanks..Yep u should...Let me know wen u r in Bangalore next time.

    @ Pijush - Yep. :-)

    @Velu Nair - Welcome to my space. Sure u should visit this place.

    @ Cuckoo - :-)

    @ Niki - Yep Maverik was the best of it....I am sure you must have similar rides and amusment parks in japan too.

    @Dandiga - Thanks. I am sure you can do the same too..Waiting for your first post. :-)

  8. hey man gr8 writing pal looking forward to read more from you.

  9. AnonymousJune 07, 2007

    oh thanks uuu for ur reply!
    yeah we have disneyland but i never tried something like Maverik coz afraid of heart attack :D

  10. Nice travelogue on an amusement park. First time I ever read one :)

    Good one, Ajeya.

  11. Glad you enjoyed the day! Your breakfast description makes me hungry and I have only office food to look forward to!

  12. @Vishwas - Thanks Pal.

    @Deepak - Thanks...:-) I would not call it a travelogue though....it was just a celebration of moment.

    @Mridula - Beleive me...that breakfast was the best i have ever had....:)


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