3 Take Aways From Spiderman 3

I watched Spiderman-3 other day. The punch line for the movie – “ The greatest battle lies within”, is what interested me. Otherwise not a big fan of such characters; for a change, I loved this movie. Here is a quick post on three things I liked the most about the movie or rather three things that the movie taught me.

1. Understand, don’t just console -
A scene were MJ says to Peter Parker that critics have written her off on her performance in the play, PP only tries to sympathize by providing false comfort and asks her not to worry, but MJ gets angry because, what she expects is, him to understand her situation and not just some sugared words of consolation. In the end when PP learns about, she being out of the drama, he comforts her by saying – “I know how it feels, I have been through such situation myself.” This makes such a big difference than just consoling people by not meaning anything.

2. Fight “I” Consciousness –
This forms the theme of the movie. Spiderman fights venom – reflection of his ego, his selfishness, anger and jealousy. Probably this has been written boldly in many Hindu epics; Bagvath Gita speaks of it and so does Upanishads. The nine foes of a man and fighting which we can become a complete human; perhaps that is being close to God. Even if someone wants to ignore the spiritual part of it, it is still true that, I consciousness, ego, selfishness, anger and jealousy have been the major reasons for worlds greatest disasters and every person through his life, fights these unwanted characters in him which has been imbedded, knowingly or unknowingly, by birth or by circumstances or situations that followed.

3. Everyone has a choice –

All of us like Harry, sometime or the other, in our lives; are in a situation where we have to make important decisions; important choices. How we utilize that situation is what decides the greatness or lowness of our inbuilt nature or character. Being bad is easy; to be good takes far more strength. Hurting someone is easy, but to correct the wrong's done, takes lot of effort, kindness and purity of heart and mind.

Movies / stories can touch our heart only if they are garnished with human values; then how does it matter if the lead character flies like our minds and creates his path from one wall to another, avoiding the obstacles on his way or the negative characters in the movie portray mans amazing level of imaginations? Bottom line - No matter how improved the technology is, how advanced science may get, a small sprinkle of humanity makes all the difference.


  1. AnonymousMay 17, 2007

    cool review!! that is a great comparison with Bagvath Gita :)

  2. Hey, still no vacation photographs? I too saw the movie but was not much impressed. However, that MJ PP incident where he tries to console did stay with me too. But of course I can never put it in so many words, like you have.

  3. Nicely written! I still didn't get to see the movie yet... Hopefully it'll still be airing in Toronto when i return.

    Like the 1st and the 3rd things that you mentioned. Sometimes humans do take the easy way out... even myself sometimes but - "Nothing worth having comes easy" (Scrubs).

  4. a diferrent kinda review.. n tht BHagvad Gita comparision.. Awesome!

  5. @ Niki - Thanks.

    @ Mridula - Thanks..Well I do not think I have any pictures or post from my vacation, it was to my hometown to attnd my best friends wedding, some functions at home. Not much traveling done then. But I am getting back on traveling. Going to a hill station in Karnataka called coorg.

    @Edmund - Thanks...Do watch the movie. Cool characters tooo..

    @ Bharat - Thanks

  6. Different view altogether ..and a good one too ... especially the first point ...It s such a small incidence , but you have taken the point well :

  7. Excellent Review, I haven't seen the movie yet, but have to see after reading your post.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, keep coming

  8. This was very interesting approach. But I feel the movie makers were conveying the message thru a wrong medium. Spiderman is supposed to make you feel something else! The movie was good, but it doesn't feel like a Spiderman movie.

  9. @ Pijush - Thanks...Welcome to my blog.

    @Final Transit - I partially agree to your statment there. I have observed recently with many animated movies that they include good morals for kids...Shrek is an example for it as well. Its a trend now i must say to introduce good qualities in kids thru such movies.


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