How effectively does the mood decide our acts is what I thought, when I felt a need to go back to my book collection and switch from one author to another in hasten, as if there were no time to be wasted or as if till now I did not realize my need; my starve for some of my hobbies. I started with Sudha Murthy’s simple writing where she recollects her incidents from life so very neatly and puts it forth in a less complex way. Every human being experiences plenty of interesting things in his/her life, but only those who have an habit of learning from these experiences; good or bad can write a “Wise and Otherwise”, or an “Old man and his God”, I thought.
Just when done with the book, I succumbed to my need for reading something different, from some other author, which would take me to another new world. People think differently, one from the other sitting may be just next to you and their writing, reflection of their thoughts and in works of an author boldly seen are his thoughts, his insight into several familiar or unfamiliar pools of events that encircle us in every moving hour. But how each one of us react to it makes all the difference. So it is, I thought, is what makes every author special, every book a new one to read.

I soon saw me lost in South American roads, as Che Guevara and his friend Alberto start their ambitious motorcycle ride through the entire Latin America (South America). I follow their track undisturbed and make plans of similar expeditions. How interesting it is to notice that some writings just connect so well to our thoughts and interests that it gives a new dimension to our thoughts until we respond saying – “Well, it was possible this way too.” After that interesting adventure on road by two friends whose life run in parallel for sometime , I wind up the “Motorcycle Diaries” only to find lying on my table waiting for the touch of my warmth – Diary Of Virginia Woolf -Vol 1 and Kahlil Gibran’s – “The Broken Wings”.

Diaries always make you grow. And when it’s of someone you admire the most, nothing needs to motivate the act of reading. VW’s writing itself is thrilling enough to fill my days with unimaginable enthusiasm, for it delivers the most positive way of looking at things; possibly everything.

While I enjoy a few days of her life, I also enjoy the poetic saga of Kahlil Gibran's writing where he recollects moments of his first love. But most importantly, it wins me over with the style of writing so unfamiliar to me. Wonderful, very poetic. When said so, they are not bunch of words describing beauty of just nature or women, but also describing state of mind, philosophy of life in the most unimaginable collection of words that bowled me over to enslave myself to the writing style and the book of course.

Every book is special, every author is a winner, as he dares to write about what he believes in; that he wishes to share the thoughts he is confident about. Did Kahlil Gibran think then, that decade’s after his death, somebody would be still reading his work? Did VW think that a group of readers would form a society by her name? A yahoo group for that matter would be formed to discuss her work and time? But I wonder if they least bothered of this fact. Write he would for his interest, not for the world.

Reading through these books, growing with them in various different aspects of life; different emotions of human kind, I realized that moods are just a state of mind created by us by reacting to circumstances around us. Moods do not control us or rather should not be controlling us, but we should control them or rather create them.


  1. hmmm.. mood swings.. a pretty common thin wid me.. agree wid u.. moods shld not b controllin us.. shld b the other way round!!!

  2. It s very strange how our mood swings for no reason , within no time.. When we realise that it s about to change, it s the best time to control it ..experience from self experimentation .. :)

    The books have tremendous effect on us rightly they are called man s best friend !!is nt it ?

  3. oh, was Motorcycle Diaries so good?
    i think i should read it!!
    im quite moody n uncontrolable too.

  4. @Bharat - Yep! Hvent seen you writting since a long time..:-)

    @ Reborn - Exactly, Books indeed are mans best friends....I enjoyed the how I could control the swing my mood through thses books I choose to read.

    @ Niki - Yes it is....Because its written so well....Che Guevera has used real thoughfull words to describe his experience and everything he saw on his ride. That is the strength of the book.

  5. AnonymousMay 03, 2007

    Hi Ajeya, it's Edmund, thanks for droppin by my blog despite i haven't updated it for a while...
    Changes in mood, maybe that's what i've been experiencing lately, just don't find anything cool to update on my blog anymore... Possibly because blogger moved to google and I don't remember my google passwords as it's been buying everything now (not to mention it's crappy codes, ha ha)- so i probably have 3-4 accounts of them, ha ha. (small excuse, as i know i can dig it up easily if i wanted to..) Anyways, i'm in Austin now, and will be here for a month - hopefully after i return back to Tdot, I will regain my passion of bloggin... Good to see that you are updatin ur blog buddy! Take care~!

  6. @ Edmund - Thanks, will wait for ur next post hope its soon

  7. Ajeya, I came here looking for your new vacation post!! And now I am about to take a short break.

  8. @Mridula - Thanks...But I am a little busy with somethings here after my return from vacation, which is keeping me from posting the next in line. Have to extend my vac to a little more while :)


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