Few Smiles

I met a friend from school other day and we sat on to recollect some wonderful days of childhood. Two incidents that came up during our discussion makes me smile every time I think about it. When I need to smile, when I need some laughter, I prefer to think back of these fun moments which act like a medicine to cheer my strained nerves. May be I need some smiles now.

There was an eagle nest on top of a tree in our school ground. We would come to school early, throw our bags and the first place to assemble was near this tree. I guess I was in 7th or 8th at that time. We (About a 20 of us) would throw stones to the nest and the eagle would come hunting for us. The moment the eagle comes we run for our lives. That had become an interesting game for us every morning. Now, we were older enough to judge when to run but some kids, who followed our footsteps, did not. So after we would return, some kids had drilled holes on their head. A hole on their head with pouring blood, they would cry back to class. 

The next morning, as usual, unaware of this, we come to the tree and prepare to start the so called game; unaware that our math’s sir, who was no less than a terror, was observing us from the terrace. The moment we picked up the stone, he ordered the peons to surround us and not let us escape. That morning, during the daily assembly, there was no “Thought for the day”, no “Quiz” no “news reading”, but instead each one of us had to go to the podium and apologies thus –

“I was throwing stones at the eagle nest and will not repeat this.” 

While recollecting this, my friend adds, “A few bashings would have been better than speaking English in front of the entire school.” 

During 10th standard our math’s sir conducted a Math’s Olympiad. Three of my friends neatly copied and left no chance for mistake. “A” copied from “B”, “B” from “C’ and “C” from the books and others. The results where announced and a girl “D” from our class came first. Sir came to the class and asked “A” to stand up and he asked him- Whom did you copy from? He said- “B” and thus B was also made to stand and was asked the same question, he answered “C”. And “C” when asked said from book and other people.

Now our sir announced the real winners- “Do you know who came first, second and third? - these three.”

Predicting this behavior from the three he had deliberately chosen the right winner as “D” who came 4th. Just to prove his decision he asked “D” also to stand up.

“Amma, Now whom did you copy from?” Expecting a “No” from her he waited for her answer.

“D”, looked puzzled and worried. Every body had some share of copying and they had confessed. So she replied – “I also saw little from here and there.” 

Sir banged his head while saying “Ayiyooo,…..enu amma idu?” (What is this madam?)

D broke into tears as the entire class laughed at this pathetic situation. 


  1. woow eagles are way tooo scary!
    i cant believe u did that lol
    glad to find ur blog. and thanks for ur visit!!

  2. Ha Ha.. Nice recounting.

    We were so much scared of eagles that we used to walk with our bags on our head.

  3. Well, even though I am no terror to my students, I feel a strong empathy with your math sir.

    Hope you found many smiles in the last few days :)

  4. @Niki Yokota - Welcome to my blog.
    Yes it was indeed very crazy, but I guess at that age, such strange daring emerges to try stupid things. :-)

    @Cuckoo - :-)

    @Mridula - :-) You exactly know where my articles are coded. And yes my weekend was very exciting and full of smiles. :-)

    @Bharat - :-)

  5. hiiii thanks ajeya-chan!!!
    oh indian kids are sooo brave :)

  6. Throwing stone on eagle s nest is really brave ... !! too much

    " some kids had drilled holes on their head " LOL ..:))

  7. @Niki Yokota - :-) Yep...I am sure the Japanese kids closely follow too. :-)

    @Reborn - Thanks :-))

  8. Just felt like giving you this link.

    Might bring some more memories to you. :)

  9. This is great info to know.


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