Thursday, March 22, 2007

Postive Thoughts

Once I met a very interesting person, who then became a very good friend of mine. During our long talks, he once mentioned a statement that put me into serious thoughts.

He said - “I am extremely satisfied with my life, Ajey...I have got all that I had wanted, just the way I had thought of."

That evening, my mind went for a serious roller coaster ride to understand the truth in his statement. Several questions bothered me-

Is it possible for someone to be completely satisfied from his/her life?
How lucky should one be to have all the dreams come true?
Was it just a consolation? A false comfort? (Which it dint look like from what I knew of my friend.)

In my life, when I have seen so many disturbed souls, always complaining about life and its miss giving’s; people who are worried because of silly reasons like waiter getting water with fingers dipped into glass or passing unnecessary comments about others to show their dissatisfaction on their own life; looking at every incident with a negative perspective and de-motivating people around or worrying about life’s injustice in several unfulfilled dreams. In midst such people, here was someone who said he had enjoyed every bend of life's journey and he had received what he had exactly expected from it. Strange!

I was very moved by his talks and I started analyzing my own life. I had not got everything I had desired for. And I always thought that everything might not turn up the way we need and we need to accept some failures on our way. But until I met my friend, I did not think that it was possible to expect 100% return on investment of dreams. :-)
For characters like "Madhavi" in "Page 3"(Which I assume are plenty in this world) it seems like only a "Pearl" who take life extremely lightly or a "Gayatri" who can sacrifice anything for her dreams and desires can be successful in life. But the movie still ends with so much of possibility despite the several failures to only indicate us to accept life as it is, in a very positive manner and still stick to your dreams and desires.

Thoughts can be many, some satisfying, some unsatisfying, but this note from my friend has definitely left a hope in me to repeat the same words some day. It’s so nice to talk positively and bring a hope in others than talk negatively and de-motivate someone. I felt good that I had someone as a friend who always takes life positively and encourages others to build hope in a very distinctive manner probably unknown to himself. These words have left me in a task in life to fulfill all my dreams; even the one’s that I could not satisfy when I was a teenager. I do not know if these words are true, or they are just an illusion or an impossible assurance but it definitely has motivated me to break the thin line between illusions and reality.

“Fail I might many times, but the positive thoughts will keep me going.”


  1. Well, I have not seen the movie so can't comment on that part.

    But yeah, I agree with you. We should take things positively to live life but at the same time it is extremely difficult to be in your friend's be truly satisfied. The dreams increase many folds everyday.

    We have so many unfulfilled desires that we can not be truly/fully satisfied leave alone claiming that.

    I mean I can't think of myself saying that statement in near future, maybe I am too dreamy, too greedy.

    But yes, think positive...leave the illusions behind... hope for the dreams to come true... work for it.. should be the motto.

    Be positive. :)

  2. Ajeya, you know what? Your posts want me to take the very thought you have discussed and try to form my own conclusions about it. This one, i am definitely trying to spend more time with.

  3. i find it difficult to believe that anyone can get that lucky ! yes...being contended in life is different ...and getting all that one had ever wanted is

    Did he mean higher than materialistic things ,and so only he was extremely satisfied ? ..If so , he is indeed lucky :) and you too find a friend like that ...

  4. @ Cuckoo - Well me be its just the way we look at it.

    @Mridula - Waiting!

    @ Reborn - Thx


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