Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Here is something I wrote on Friendship 2 years back.


Study on human nature is something that has always fascinated me. When I meet or speak or simply listen to someone I not only read the words that they say but try to read even them that people tend to hide. This interest has been in me for a long time now. And at this age I think I have realized the needs of an other human. How they may possibly react to a given situation is what becomes very predictable after certain level of interaction with someone. This makes easy to interact with others and build friendship.

There are so many people who enter our lives and leave a remarkable impression. They turn out to be a close or best friend or sometimes even a mentor. But what I want to write today is not about them. I want to write about those people whom we meet for a very small interval of life and think, “wish I had known them better.”

This world is filled with interesting people and this interest varies from person to person. According to me the things that people look in others are what they lack in themselves. This I believe s the secret behind any attraction towards another human which later turns into friendship.

A very silent person may like a talkative friend; a talkative on other hand would prefer a patient listener and so on. So obviously what one looks for in their friends is the qualities that they lack in themselves which fulfills their needs.

Many interesting people come into our lives on day to day basis and we make friends with them by sharing our past experiences, joys and also sorrows. But some just pay a guest appearance and leave back a big impact. It’s tempting to know someone’s past, present and future in such situations but the time is up.

A few words of fun, some smiles and laughter’s and then move along the path that is destined for you.

I have encountered many such people in my life and I always hope that I see them again or at least try to keep in touch to maintain that special bond, that may be for a small instance, but existed.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I realize that every human is divided into two parts; one outside the mirror and the other inside looking very similar. You never know when which side of the mirror takes over. This I believe has always been a complex game of mind to distinguish reality. Different emotions on both side of the mirror keeps changing sides and it becomes difficult to differentiate reality from illusion. The more one tries to clear these, the more he gets trapped in this vast mist.

Another thing that people tend to get attracted is similarity in the past. Similarity of something that has happened in your life makes the sides of the mirror change by itself.

The problem with we humans is that we consider a moment to turn into life time, which leads to lot of pain and depressions. We tend to live in the same time space and expect it to be the same always.

If possible live boldly, make friends with them whom you think will fulfill all the fun that you lacked till now or want to experience. If you think you have not known someone very well enough, and then don’t give up hope, don’t give up trying which at least remains to console you at the end.

There are many people in our lives who never leave any impact on us, because you find shades of yourself in them. You find your past in them or you see the qualities that you hate or once hated in yourself. But some even in a short span of life leave surprisingly remarkable impression. The secret behind both is you and your hobbies. If I am to bring magnetic field concept to picture here, it may be suitable.

“Like poles repel and unlike attracts.”

That’s the reason we make friends with people who have the qualities that we want to acquire but lack. Or once lacked or the experience that you always desired and then no matter for what short period they enter your life they definitely leave an impact.



  1. Hmmm.. Very thought provoking post.

    Mirror having two sides and emotions changing sides... so nicely said.

    Nice post ! :))

  2. Hello Cuckoo.....Please share your thoughts. I would like a nice discussion or may be even a debate on this post. May be i am correct, may be wrong in some lines. Please feel free to express your opinion based on your experiences.

  3. Nice post buddy! You are turning into a great philosopher :)

    I had to re-read this several times for myself to understand it, but very true: "The problem with we humans is that we consider a moment to turn into life time, which leads to lot of pain and depressions. We tend to live in the same time space and expect it to be the same always."

  4. it s so true..that we tend to feel closer to those who have had a similar past , as they understand us ...probably we r trying to learn from them , and improve ourselves.. at the same time we dislike if they are similar like us we see our unwanted qualities in them !!

    "We tend to live in the same time space and expect it to be the same always" we know it ..we think that we r not like that ...but repeatedly end up in misery because of expectations isnt it ...?

    ur posts are getting better ...deeper... philosophical ..:) still simple !

  5. Ohh you wanted me to come again !

    Well, I agree with you on many points but can't say you are wrong or I am right.
    Each person has his/her own perspective to think and he/she is right in his own thinking.

    Like "we humans is that we consider a moment to turn into life time, which leads to lot of pain and depressions." is so true. We miss them after they go & wish it was a lifetime.
    On a different note, personally I think I would like to be friends with a person who can understand & respect my viewpoint, has some common interests apart from having a few qualities which I lack. :)

    We should accept friends as they are, not try to change them or ourselves just to remain friends.

    Also, I feel friendship can happen between any two persons irrespective of their age, gender or social status like I feel my great grandmother was a good friend of mine. At that tender age whatever I wanted in a friend, she had them all.

    I have written few posts on friendship and would write many more. Read them if you have time. You'll get my viewpoint. :)

    Phew ! What a long comment it has become.

  6. @Lee - Thanks....

    @Reborn - Thanks....:-) After lot of hurdle in writing style....I finally settled to this....Complex thoughts but simple language.

    @ :-) yep....Thanks for visiting again in detail. I agree to your points. Yes some amount of common qualities or interest also attracts us....Friendship can happene irrespective of age...even though i havent touched about this topic in my post, i strongly agree to it as I have good friends from variant age groups...


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