Monday, March 05, 2007

Blog Theft

“How often do you get to go on a trip and start it with a fight, more fight and then end it with a fight?....” That’s how it starts; my post just two posts below in the blog. Well this is not the only place where it appears. Shabina has had the same experiences, same fights, same adventures and describes in exact same words! Wow! Two absolute strangers, going to same place on same day and having same experiences and wonder what describing it in same words. Well all these things can not be coincident, at least when the pictures on the posts are also similar.

Well blog theft is something that I had only heard of and now it has happened to me. My post on Kaiga trip has been stolen and copy pasted on a blog by some Shabina….and she has copied not only the words but also few pictures. Well a little bored of copying, she missed last few paraghraphs.

My friend S’s uncle calls him to find out who was this girl who apparently had same kind of experience as we did in a trip to Kaiga. S tries to check the site and finds a nice copy and paste of my post with absolute perfection. He calls me to let me know about the theft. I then sit to think how someone can enjoy such false presentation, stolen from elsewhere? Of course this may not continue, as one can not deal with guilt for a long time. But this is something that’s becoming common and we need to find a way to stop it.

So I request you all to leave a small comment on her blog. I have already left a note. :-) Any suggestions from you are welcome.

Here is the link Shabina

Interesting things to notice in the blog –

- Only one post.
- Post copied but ends abruptly…tooo long post to copy?
- One comment from Mubina….Shabina and Mubina sounds nice together.


  1. This is absolutely outrageous. How can someone shamelessly copy/paste like this ? I have left a comment on her post.

    Looks like a work of someone who just wanted 15 seconds to fame. Opened a blog & copy/pasted.
    And probably the comment from Mubina might be hers only.

  2. Its happening way too often these days :)

    I left her nice lil comment ;)

  3. Oh my goodness! I never thought of something as blog theft? ha ha ha... Doesn't these people have something better to do? It doesn't make any sense at all!

    Well... or maybe she's ur secret admirer ;)

  4. @ Cuckoo - Exactly, Yes it is really horrible. Thanks for that quick response.

    @ Harsha - :) Yep Thanks.

    @ Edmund - :) I realy dont think so!

  5. Wow!!Only heard about blog theft but first time I am actually seeing it.

  6. BTW, I left Shabina a note too.

  7. He/she is shameless to do that ..that s all.. the blogname is also a bit odd .....
    with the comments he/she got ..i dont think that blog will continue ..

  8. Aah! I see what you mean. Very stupid, I must say.

  9. Thank you all for your response on this...Hope this stops here.


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