Will try to make this post a journey through pictures. After reaching Mangalore it was much of a family get together. Both my sisters were home and it was nice to meet after a long time. My two nephews and two nieces kept the house busy with their fun and pranks. We visited some temples, some relatives and shopping malls.

One of the days, I arranged a get together between my cousins. All boys group, my sisters kept asking if they could join, but they were not invited. :-) Five of us met at the coffee day; from there we went to a watch tower called- Sultan Batthery, built by Hider Ali in 18th century.
From there we took a boat to cross the backwaters and reach the Thanirbhavi beach. We had real good time pulling each others leg and by getting updates on the pranks that the younger, college going cousins do at these times.

Stayed back till sun set o catch some spectacular game of colors.

Going to Mangalore and not having ice creams is no less than a sin. So we stopped at Pabbas and tasted the parfait ice-cream. :-)

One of the days during vacation, our family and my father’s sisters and my cousins all planned on a trip to Kottikullam. It’s a small village near Bekal in Kerala. My father’s elder sister lives there all by herself. So we all decided to surprise her. So the group of 11 elders and 4 kids set of on a trip. We had packed breakfast and lunch along with us. It was a very nice trip and we enjoyed the village atmosphere and of course the smile on our old aunt’s face.

We visited the temple near by, where I found this interesting wood art.

We also took a tour of the Tantri’s house. Tantri’s are the village priest and they have this ancestral house which is filled with interesting ancient architecture.

Bekal fort is only 10-15 minutes drive from there, we then drove there. I had been there before long back and I recollected the memories.

One evening I took my nephew and niece to the beach and their excitement and fun was worth watching.

Days just fly, these last few days of 2006 were no less. I enjoyed one or two movies, met a very good friend after long time. Went to my usual round of temples and then it was time to return back to Bangalore.


  1. Awesome pics. Havent been to bekal fort. another place to visit to an already long list :)

  2. Thanks....Ya nice place o go....a days trip from Mangalore

  3. bekal fort is nice ..but it ll be very sunny and hot !

    by the way ... u r travelling non stop ... :) good fun ..

  4. Mangalore looks lovely through your pictures.

  5. @ Reborn - Yep, Have not continued the traveling to this year...Somehow its taken backstage. But will be starting the year witha trip next weekend to Yana. :-)

    @ Mridula - Yep it is! :-))

  6. hey.. I had been to yana sometime back ( i mean 6 months !! ) and was thinking of posting now ! but with my blogging frequency , I m sure u ll do it before :)

  7. Oh Great...>So what are the places you suggest in and around yana, kaiga nad karwar?

  8. I think u ve already left for ur trip . if u have nt .. then after yana , if u r going to karwar , try to go to an island called kurmugur ( im not sure of the name ..from the port , it s half an hr by boat , there is a narasinha temple there in the island , and it s surrounded by rocks , A good trek. Near the kali bridge also , there is one nice sunset point ..dont miss it . And i think kaali project ( same as Kaiga ? ) is around one hr from there ...enjoy ...

  9. Absolutely great pictures! Wow wow, you are really travelling around! It's like a world tour... ha ha

  10. @Reborn - Thanks....Will be leaving coming weekend. Will try to visit these places.

    @Edumund - :-) Yes....Suddenly I felt that life is tooo short and I have hell lot places to see....:-))


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