Two Paths

I have been wondering what to write this time on my blog….Have many things to say but not sure if I will be able to put forth all my thoughts into words properly. The last 2 weeks has been really boring, as though they never existed in my life. I wanted to re-discover myself after, seems like a long gap. After my return from the US I went through a very difficult fight within myself, my thoughts and for a while thought that I have forgotten what I was once like. 

For a few reasons, some relationships, friendships began to turn soar. Soon I realized that I had created a web around myself that is restricting my sight, my future, and my desires; a web made of my own thoughts, my own words, my promises and my own expectations. In the process, I had to re-discover myself, the person I was a few months back and how I could deal with people and friendships and at the same time do complete justice to my goal as well.

In life’s journey we sometimes come across a point to find two paths, equally attractive; one that lead to your desires, your set goals and another leads to totally personal feelings with commitments and sacrifice of friendships and bonding. And as the heart is always attracted to the human bonding tries to take that path. Mid way gone you realize that you have diverted way off your goals and ambitions in life. And everything turns to appear soar. The gap to understand these differences and to work out a way that is somewhere in between the two varying paths, need time. The shorter it is the better.

I am free from them now…free to explore my self further along with my humanly bonding and attachments.


  1. Thanks a lot for what You are doing!Information, that I managed to find here
    is extremely useful and essential for me!With the best regards!

  2. Heart vs. Head, I think we will always struggle and try to strive a balance. May you find yours.

  3. @David - Thanks. Are you a Traveler?

    @ Mridula - True...

  4. looks like you have discovered a path in between !! ?? if so , that s great . If not also , I think as long as we make ourselves strong not to repent for chosing either path , it s ok ...

    By the way , sometime back , when I posted something similar about my dilemma, u were supposed to send me a poem ..what happened to that !? :)

  5. @Reborn - Yes...these kind of situations keep coming again and again in life.....and funny thing is that every time it seems new.:-)

    Well thanks for reminding me of the poem.....i read that in a book while I was in a library so i wrote it down on a piece of paper....I need to look for it and need to type it for you...Will do that soon. But this might not apply to my case here.

  6. Hello, thanks a lot, You'v done a great job.I can only realize how much time and resources does it take to create such a resource!Great work, I am impressed!

  7. Mmm... very interesting, I will need to ponder this more in thought as I'm also at a crossroad myself. Mmm... it's hard to state which one is the right path since as you mentioned, the final destination may be the same; just that we have to avoid getting lost along the way and deviating too far away... Mmmm.

  8. @ anon - Thanks

    @ Edmund - True

  9. Great site, I am bookmarking it!Keep it up!
    With the best regards!


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