I normally don’t like tags but this was about travel – a word that excites me the most. So when Mridula tagged me, I quickly accepted it. I have changed the rules slightly for the people whom I tag.

Rules of this Tag:
1. Name the person who tagged you.
2. 8 Things about you. (Pick Any Topic)
3. Tag atleast 4 people.

1. Name of the Person who Tagged Me.
Mridula – I enjoy reading her travel stories and to view the mind blowing pictures from her journey that beholds beauty of nature with touch of human spirit.

2. 8 Travel Things About me!

1. I do enjoy traveling with friends but once in a while I prefer going on a journey all by myself. Undoubtedly such trips become the most learning experience of all. One such trip that I regard as the best one I have ever had, is my expedition into a Tibetan Settlement. Got up at 6 one morning and decided to go on a totally unplanned trip to somewhere. A journey all alone is something that makes you notice things that otherwise goes unseen or unattended.

2. One thing I hate in a trip is people who do not share the same spirit as the rest. One dull person can spoil the spirit of entire group. So I try my best to keep the group rolling with fun and laughter.

3. I enjoy driving in USA, but I prefer to relax and watch out of the window as the car follows the winding roads near a mountain or a straight never ending road to nowhere, or a marine drive.

4. Even though I enjoy reading, I hate to take books while traveling. Because, nothing can be more exciting for me than a journey.

5. When I go to my hometown, I always take a walk near the beach either with friends or alone. And when I do so, I feel that I have been on a very long trip. Every time I go there it’s a new experience and I am sure, I will never be bored of any number of trips to the beach. I have been to several beaches in India and America but none has fascinated me as the beach near my house.

6. I love to plan trips and at the same time I also like to go on unplanned trips. One such interesting trip was a trip to Sakleshpura with a few friends from office. On this journey we traveled by every possible means, Bus, Train, Auto Rickshaw, jeep & Lorry. We planed to trek on the railway track but ended up taking a jolly ride on a test train, the engineers in which thought we were really tired of trekking. But the fact was that, we had just started walking few seconds before the train arrived. More than anything, what excited me the most was the spirit we four shared. It’s always fun to be with like minded people.

7. My dream is to hitch hike to some far away place, may be in some other country; may be all the way from Europe to India. Well I wish one day that dream would come true.

8. Traveling to some place, knowing people and the culture there makes me feel somewhere close to being a complete human being. One can enjoy the spirit of life to the fullest when on a journey, through one’s own experience as well as other. At times, Traveling also acts as medicine to me.

Every individual is in search of something more serene, something more beautiful and something more peaceful. After all what’s important is not what you do but how you feel at a given point of time. Traveling allows me to explore myself; experiment with myself; learn some lessons and most of all to live in the moment without past or future in mind. I would like to end this by repeating my favorite dialogue from the climax of the movie “The Beach” 
“I still believe in paradise. But it’s not some place you can look for, because it is not where you go. It’s how you feel for a moment in your life when you are a part of something. If you find that moment, it lasts for ever.”
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  1. I can identify with so many things you have said in this post. But for me the book is to be taken out when I can do nothing else. I almost always carry a book when I travel but not when I trek.

    And I will always evvy you for the home by the beach.

  2. This sounds pretty cool! Lemme reply to ur tag soon. Wow, I can't beleive that we are quite similar ;)

  3. 4 me.. the book is an absolute yes.. nd ya, hitch hiking 4m Europe 2 India wld b excitin'...

  4. Thanks Ajeya. I've been tagged for the same thing by RK also. Will surely get to it soon.

  5. Mridula - I feel that by reading books, i will not be able enjoy the views that the moving train or bus continously displays.

    Edmund - Thanks for a quick response.

    Bharat - Hey how are you? Havent seen you around for a while now.

    Travel Plaza - Thanks, Expecting your post soon

  6. hey this tag seems to be travelling a lot, i had a similar tag from cuckoo,btw u broke the rule 3, u had to tag 6 people :)

  7. Ajeya,
    I completed the tag. Do check out my answers when you get a chance.


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