Touched By Angels

In our life, we meet many people. Some become friends or foes and some go unnoticed. But then there is another category of people from whom we get inspired and influenced. I get inspired by people very easily. Since my childhood, I have been influenced by so many people, who I believe, have helped me to become what I am today. I have always been a very silent observer of others nature and if there is something remarkable, which lacked in me, I would quickly grasp them.
I believe that Angles and demons are nothing but the qualities in human beings itself. Every individual is an Angel or can be a demon to some one else based on given circumstances; it’s in our behavior. I would always like to call these people as my Angels. I am touched by these Angels and In this post I would like to list down some of the qualities that I inherited from them.

Angel -1 - “Independency”

This angel has been in my life for a long time now, the start of which I shall never be able to guess. There was a time, when I was very much attached to things or people and believed that who ever became close to me would part soon (And many did too). I was at the verge of loosing all the hope in whatever I believed in at a point when following words from this Angel kept repeating in my mind – “Be in the loop but always as an outsider.” This has helped me a lot. I am not sure how you want to take it, but I took it in a way that has helped me manage every relationship of mine in a better way now; in a very positive and interesting manner and with very less expectation. I am a part of everything, yet may never belong to one so deeply to be trapped in it.

Angel -2 – “Attitude”

This Angel gave me a total new perspective towards life. Until I met this Angel, I was a reserved, silent guy who did not know how to communicate with people. My silence was what people noticed and probably liked me for. This Angel is no less than a boon from whose behavior I learnt that people with moderate knowledge and excellent attitude can go places. Also, this is where I learnt to laugh at myself and enjoy life to the fullest by making humor the act of my life. I was inspired by this Angel’s way of dealing with people or various situations. As a result I was transformed into someone with  spirit to enjoy life.

Angel-3 – “Confidence and Let go”

I was not a very confident person before. May be that was the reason I was a silent type. But the level of confidence and self respect that this Angel has is what attracted me the most. I also learnt to speak out my thoughts, my worries and my feelings very openly. It is so easy to spill out the suppressed thoughts and put it away once and for all. If you like yourself, only then people will like you and thats what made me more confident in life.

Angel-4- “Spirituality”

I am not a religious person but I am spiritual. Since childhood, I was influenced by many different views - Rituals at home, temples, speech by an atheist. And my opinion on existence of God was totally mixed up. Even though, deep within my heart I had strong faith in God, I was a confused person. This Angel and our discussions and debates made me grow as a spiritual person. I was shown a path to confirm my faith. Today, I have my own theory for the existence of God but I must appreciate this Angel for initiating and accelerating the thoughts in me.

Angel-5- “Healing”

I have known this Angel for a very short time of my life. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say I hardly know this Angel. And in this short span what I have grasped is to help others without any expectation in return. When I began to practice this, it felt really good. Not that I never helped others, but this Angel pointed me out the happiness and peace that one can gain by helping another human.

Angel-6 – “Recognition”

I have learnt a very good quality from this Angel. That is to identify and recognize the good qualities in others. Knowingly or unknowingly most of the times, we always try to find fault or the mistakes in others. I believe that every individual is special in his/ her own way. With a critical perspective, I will never be able to appreciate the good in others. And taking most of the things positively is the best way to manage stress.

I will always be thankful to these Angels and many more of them whom I have not mentioned but who have strongly contributed in shaping my life. I have taken their good qualities and made use of them with a touch of my own individuality. Yes, simply copying others will bring us no good. It would not be permanent. Angels are around us, near us, we only need to recognize them.


  1. Its strange you mention it, coz I was thinking of a similar thing just days ago, when you posted about your colleague leaving. Even my tech lead, she used to my partner in crime as well. She left. I miss her like anything. I was thinking about not getting emotionally attached to people, like "be in the system, yet dont be a part of the system". Dont make your colleagues as your friends, sisters and brothers. It will hurt when we part. But I found that it is what makes us human. We cannot break away from that. I cannot be part of everything and yet not belong to one.

    Agree with you on angel2. Infact I was a bit shy in my early days, and then I became like this happy guy, who has to enjoy everything I do. Laugh at myself, I do it all the time.

    Agree again. Once you become extroverted, you become confident.

    I believe in god. Its good. It can give you that extra push sometimes. God may exist or may not. But the faith that you have in the higher power, the faith in the subconsious mind always tells you, dont worry, god will help you out. Maybe that was why man created god in the first place.

    Help is something that should be never done as charity. You should feel what the person feels and you will know what the problem is. Put urself in the persons shoes.

    Yes, very true. Everyone has a special quality. We need to pick out the good stuff from them.

    Another awesome post. Totally could relate with this one. When are you posting the demons ??? :)

  2. Harsha, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions.

    Would just like to clear something about the Angel-1. Thats why i mentioned "I dont know how you will take it." This can be taken in many different ways. Well getting attached to people and things is pretty common and as you said its human. But what i learnt is to handle such situation in life in a better manner.

    I think we become confident first and then an extovert!

    Thanks Harsha for bringing up your thoughts.

    Well I do not want to write about demons...i prefer to forget them right away..:-))

  3. My first landing here, had seen u around in many common spaces. read ur US experiences too. many common things here.

    This post is really a good read. must say that i could relate to many a thoughts here.

  4. Very true..

  5. What a post .. I m sure everyone can identify with most of the angels ....I can .. and need some more of them ...more of angel 3 at the moment.
    I agree that angels are all around us , we need to just recognise them .. too good post . congrats.

  6. Beautifully written!

  7. @Dharmu - Thanks, Welcome to my blog.

    @Reborn - Ya...I could just go on and on about them...Will try to include more details in future about the angels...Yep Angel-3 is a very intereting person.:-)

    @Perspective Inc- Thanks...Welcome to my blog.

  8. Ajeya, Great post. Very interesting read. I agree with you that there are angels all around us and we only need to recognize them and imbibe their qualities into our lives.

  9. Nice.... I find this very true:
    "Angels and demons are nothing but the qualities in human beings itself." and most of the time, they can be hard to recognize.

  10. Wow, very well written!


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