Diary Entry

Felt like sharing this edited version of my diary entry yesterday. Not sure what it discloses or hides, not sure what one can read out of it but just putting a thought in front of you.

2nd August, 2006 – Wednesday

I do not want the pages of my diary to repeat itself, the words to recollect again in a same fashion, to disclose the feelings in a mysterious manner; events, I wish would not reappear with new looks. But the mind can not help recognizing the similarities; analyze the past experiences as the body reacts.

The sun shines down on the piece of ground; mud with stones as dry as if it had not rained for ages but with happy leaves, smiling flowers. The clouds have disappeared to an unknown side of the picture, unseen to the eyes; mirror never reflects them. The dance of the sunlight reflects on the leaves; smile on the flowers fade and reoccur. Leaves fall off, petals fly and everything repeats silently; these are the things which appear as though they never happen when one is watching. But moments repeat; leaves are happy to absorb the light; flowers glow with intensity. And in the night, waves jump to different heights in its effort to touch the moon; to reach its space and not just the reflection.

But this time the moon is the viewer, sun is the creator. It shines over the leaves and enjoys the shades. With fall of the day it displays different colors on them. It enjoys the game and its stay. As the day turns night, moon is entertained by the play of waves, with its sincere effort to reach the shore. Moon tries to find its reflection on the moving waves, which fight over each other to have a touch of its reflection in return.

But no matter who is the viewer or who the performer; who the creator or the creation – moon or the waves; sun or the leaves or flowers…one cannot help getting attracted by the other.

And from deep within, the words repeat- the pages of my diary should not repeat, the events filled with words, moments full of thoughts should never bother the mind or weaken it rather by displaying a new look of a familiar mystery.

There is always an intelligent way to deal with re-occurring moments, events or thoughts. May be, its wise being the sun or the moon.


  1. Deep thinking ..:) ..as you said, Im not sure I have understood what you wanted to say ... same event can be interpretated differently depending on situation..and by different people.. Living without getting bored/over affected is a challenge

  2. Am not sure i completely comprehend but beautifully written!

  3. Man, u write such nice stuff in ur diary??
    Mine contains total crap.. :)

  4. Wow! That's really profound. Very well written Ajeya. I have to be honest, I read your post several times before commenting. I wanted to understand what you're trying to say before leaving a comment.

  5. @ Reborn -Exactly...I know its difficult to read through these set of lines which are deliberatly arranged this way, because i canno write ceratain thoughts openly even in my diary, but i had to put it away...And... I am not bored :-)

    @Bharat, Perspective inc., - Thanks for reading through...They are some crazy thoughts that i just want to write a forget.

    @SG- My diary entries...are based on the mood...sometimes i just want to write down the events and close it as fast as possible. Some times they are very descriptive...this time...it was a mixed feeling of so many things that had been running through my head since few days...After giving it a serious thought...i decided to write it down...publish it and forget the whole episode.

    @Travel Plaza - Thanks...I would definetly like to know what you understood out of this, please do share a email with me on this.

  6. Well written! Yes, we dont want days to repeat... we want them different every day, differnt experiences and differnt emotions!

  7. interesting . . .

    fida . . .

  8. Very poetic writing! Thank you for sharing.

  9. @Bindu - Exactly !

    @ I am not...Crystal - Welcome to my blog. Thanks

  10. hi Mr. Poet.. Wassup??
    Nice write-up!!!


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