Weird Things!

I have been tagged by Harsha to write something weird about myself. After giving it a real hard try, here are some of the weird things that I do or have done at some time.
I love the smell of a newly bought shoe.

Sometimes when I can not sleep in the night, I walk for about an hour or two to strain my body. One night, I walked around my room for 1.5 hours post midnight.

In the middle of the night, I wake up to make sure that the doors are properly locked. Without a verification, I cannot go back to sleep.

If I like something I need it by any cost, no matter how long I have to wait for it. Here are some examples-

I wanted a book which the publishers had stopped making anymore. So I requested the publishers and cajoled them to publish at least one copy for me. And they did it!

Yesterday evening, I went to Titan Showroom for buying Fasttrack glasses similar to the one that my friend had. I had been to the showroom before but did not exactly recall how the glasses looked, so I asked my friend (Who now is in the US) to send me the pictures of the glasses, and then went to the showroom to only find that it was not in the display area. Looking at my anxiety to find the same pair of glasses, the sales person brought the catalogue. We went through the book and finally found the required model. She assured me that there was a piece lying somewhere and that she had to search for it. Can you believe? She searched for half an hour (Or was it more?), every single cupboard, every single corner of the showroom but had no luck. Finally she wanted to try the newly arrived boxes, which had been just delivered a couple of minutes ago. Hurrey! There she comes with my glasses. But the best part about the whole thing was that the girl was really kind to me, and there was no sign of irritation or frustration on her face. It looked as though she wanted to find the pair of glasses, as much as I needed them. I thanked her and walked out of the showroom happily. 

And I also have a habit of buying all those things that I desired as a child or during my teenage, but could not get at that time.

In the US, I along with my friends and an American couple had been to a restaurant. I was terribly hungry. And if I am hungry, I act really weird. I had ordered a glass of water for myself. So there it was a glass of water and a slice of lemon on it. I was terribly tempted to make Lemon juice out of it. So I squeezed the lemon into the water and then started adding sugar, emptying one packet after another. Sugars we normally get there in the restaurants are less sweeter than what we find here, so I kept on adding them in spite of everyone warning me that the sugar would not dissolve in the cold water. But I had to try it, dint I? For God knows what reason. So I ended up with all the sugar packets on the table emptied into the glass, settling at the bottom. “And here comes the food.” I said to divert everyone’s attention away from me!

Well I am sure there are more weird things I do but found only some of these.


  1. Nice post.

    And even I wake up to make sure that the doors are properly locked. Cannot sleep. Even though I am sure I have closed the door.

    And sometimes in resataurants, after I wash my hands, they get the finger bowl. Sometimes feel, if only I get some sugar!!! How did it taste???

  2. u r quite a weirdo.. nd emptyin all the packs of sugar, even i do it at CCD... the coffee, simply doesen't seem 2 get sweet.... :(

  3. AnonymousJune 26, 2006

    U r unique like everyone else in the world!!



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