A Quote That Changed My Life

Few years ago, when I was a student, I enjoyed reading the quotes that where painted on a piece of wood that hung exactly above the black board of every class room in our college. One day, I read this quote in one of the rooms –

“Try to get what you like or you shall be forced to like what you get.”

When I read this, all my thoughts ceased for a moment. That whole day, I could not stop thinking about it and relating it to my life. More the words repeated in my mind, very clearly I realized that I have not been living a life that I want to. Every decision in my life was mostly made by someone else and I accepted it without hesitation, even though my interests where not anywhere close.

Later that night I made a decision that I shall restructure my life in a way that I want to see it. I shall try to achieve all my dreams and desires. Suddenly, something that previously looked impossible now found a faint ray of hope. A new perspective towards life and my dreams emerged from somewhere deep within me.

The transformation was not instantaneous though. Even today, every time when I make a decision, I know that behind the conscious mind, I am repeating the same quote over and over again.

I used this piece of information in my own way, as I always do. I convinced myself that the decisions I make today are only based on my dreams and desires of today. We humans are constantly growing with age and as I have previously said, maturity is to do what you believe in; something that you think is right at that particular age to which you belong. So I do know that there may be chances that tomorrow I might not agree with a decision made today. So there has to be a clear understanding that no matter what my future has to say, I will stand by the dreams and desires of today and fulfill all of them without any hesitation and never regret for any decisions made; they are what I wanted at that particular time of my life.

Yet I also believe that every quote is not true at all times. Being a human, bonded by relationships and responsibilities, I do know that sometimes, I will have to sacrifice certain wishes. 


  1. Nice post.

    Never had a problem with making decisions. Usually the brain and heart on the same side. If they are not, then listen to the heart.... so that you wont repent for it later. And always stand by your decisions. Worked for me so far. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your thought Harsha.

    I did not have any trouble with decisions too, as I had mentioned that I live in today.

    I never understood what is listening to heart is all about. For me its always my mind that controls my life. Probably thats what thinking by heart means- Dedicated thinking...and to beilieve in your decisions...perhaps.

  3. Yeah ajay.. The intution that you get is what is listening to the heart. They call it the voice within.

    Whenever you do something wrong, there is a conscience. It tells you that what you are doing is wrong. This conscience is the voice within. If you listen to it, you will not repent anything.

    Just my thoughts :)

  4. now thats sheer coincidence!!!
    that quote has been hanging over my desk for the past 4 yrs....
    and its so true!


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