Here is one of my poems. "Change" is a poem in which I made a very simple effort to explain that no problem, no issue is permanent and we have to move on, no matter what life has to give us.


Far away in a hamlet she lived,
Sitting under an old tree's shade,
Looking at her beautiful creation,
Fruits & flowers adding to the decoration.
Smile on her face as she sits,
Waiting for any possible blitz,
She recalls her days of struggle,
Sweat & pain with snuggle.
So had she kept it for years,
Untouched & beautiful it appears.
Never wanting the scene to change,
All misplaces she would arrange.

One day the wind turned storm,
Shattered her garden, without inform.
Cried she, with tender tears,
Loosing all that she nurtured for years.
Days followed the running out hours,
There she stood between new flowers,
"Change is the essence of life", she sang,
Burning the ashes of the previous bang.