Friday, May 05, 2006

With The Fading Colors

Here is a small article I wrote few years ago, very much inspired by V.W's style of writing.

With The Fading Colours

The bright light of the day begins to fade and many disturbed souls walk down the memory lane. Clueless about their destiny, they walk. And then sitting by the lakeside every evening, they all burn in the flames of reality and dream.

The colours mix, light fades as one watches, and only watches up at the evening sky. The crows fly back home; everything begins to end into something, somewhere where the tiring mind needs to rest and prepare for the next light to come.

Walking out of the gown of daylight, souls burn, ache and fade into one dark color, which is hidden from the dawn. Thoughts fly, moment’s infinite flash up and then follows a deep silence, as the questions arise. With difficulty of separating the dreams of the dark from the reality of light, infinite souls struggle beneath the same sky. During every twilight, as the colors fade, eyes drop into once own soul. Its time to answer oneself; time to see through the reflection of that mirror which hangs in front of one’s own room. That mirror, which reflects only what others should see. And then follows the sleep, a silly but easy solution to forget reality; all that pain and all those questions.

But still the game of dawn to dusk and back to dawn goes on. The colours form, brighten and then fade. The sun smiles and the gown climbs over the body; the mirror reflects a made up face as one walks out of his room wearing a convincing smile as if this day is brighter than the previous one, though it’s always going to be the same sun shinning every day, on the clear morning sky or peeping through black clouds. And here is daylight again. Appears so much awaited and the gown needs to remain until the colours shall again begin to mix and fade.

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  1. It is a beautiful story, full of love and tenderness. It moved my soul beacause I am a grandmother.
    Kind regards, from


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