Upon Return

On the 12th of July, two of our colleagues came to the US from India. But that was an interesting story. Jonah and I went to Denver airport at around 7:30 PM to receive them. But, the Air India flight they were on was delayed by 7 hours. We checked at the customer care and they told us that our friends would miss the last flight and thus be perhaps on the first flight, the next morning. We had dinner and returned back to Colorado Springs. At 1:00 AM, Mahesh and Ravi call us telling that they had just reached Denver airport. Jonah and I drive back again to Denver (1.5 hours drive) to pick them up. By the time we reached back home it was 4:00 AM. 

We now are a group of 6 people in two houses. It is a great group. But my days here is numbered. I have a mixed feeling about it. I am neither fully sad nor very happy about heading back. On the 16th of July, we went to Denver and spent some time at the 16th Street. 

On the 22nd of July, we all visited Nagendra's new house. He had bought this 6 bedroom house upon request from his daughter. His wife is a very sweet lady. She cooked Masala dosa, Fried rice and some desserts for us. After having excellent food at his place, he drove us to Creeple creek. The casinos in Creeple creek are not as vibrant as the ones in Vegas but its not bad. We did not see much of this old town at night but we enjoyed watching Nagendra play black jack. It was a great evening. We returned to Colorado Springs at midnight.