New York City

On the 2nd of July, at around 8:00 AM, we boarded a bus to NYC. I enjoyed the bus ride a lot, like I would back in India. This was my first bus ride in the US. 

The atmosphere at NYC reminded me remotely of India. The city was over crowded and the people honked. The streets were not as clean as in other cities of the US. We saw the WTC site being renovated. 

We walked to Battery park and waited in the long queue to catch a ferry to reach the statue of liberty. Most of the tourists there were Indians. The statue gifted by the French to the Americans is indeed very impressive. 

The next stop was Elise island. Here, the immigrants had arrived centuries ago. Their documents were validated before they were let into the country. 

In the city, we used the subway to get around. It is convenient and fast. We went to China town to look for our bus stop. Sundar and I were supposed to catch a bus from China town, the next day to Baltimore. It was crowded and a few Chinese, directed us to the place. It was weird because this office from where we had booked ticket online was so small that it resembled a tiny balcony with a window. 

Back in the city, we again stood in another queue at Empire state building, the tallest building in the world. The view from the top was amazing. However, I must say that Chicago still remains my most favourite city in terms of architecture. 

Our final stop was Time Square, it was crowded but well lit and vibrant. 

After another long talk with G1 until 4 AM, I went to bed.