Los Angeles Again!

On the 7th of July, I took a long 4 hour flight from the east coast to west coast. Nagraj Bawa and my niece Varsha had come to receive me at Los Angeles airport. At home, my sister Anu had cooked some really delicious food. She is a master chef. 

Next day, Anu and I did some shopping. I had lot of things to buy before I headed back. On the 9th of July we watched a hindi film in theatres at downtown. We also visited the Hollywood street where there were many dressed like star war characters. We drove to Venice beach to view the sunset. It was quite lively there. 

I mostly shopped for gifts that i had to carry back and enjoyed great food cooked by my Anu. It was good to have some family time playing with my little niece Varsha. Anu had visited India earlier that year and I had asked her to get some Nataraja idols for me. I wanted to gift them to the colleagues at office. 

On the 10th of July, I flew back to Colorado Springs. The view from the flight was impressive. I would surely miss these flights above the cloud when I return to India, in a month.