An Eventful Week!

I had a funny experience. One of our colleagues, Judy Kilgore had mentioned to me about this archeology group that she and her husband are part of. They meet some Tuesday, she said at a hall in the police department. I asked Sundar to join me and we drove to the police department on Tuesday. 

When we entered the hall, a serious conversation was in progress. Judy was no where in sight and it took me a while to release that they were speaking about literature and books. Apparently the archeology group meets on a different Tuesday of the month. However, it was fun attending the writer's group meet as well. Three authors shared their experience of publishing their work. 

Having liked that experience, I referred to the Colorado college magazine called Independence to check for more such events and on Wednesday, Sundar and I went to another meet-up. This time it was a book reading- "I dream of microwave" written by Imad Rehman. The author read a few pages from the book. 

In the evenings, as always, I stopped by at Sai Mart to meet Nagendra. Nagendra wants me to settle down in the US. He has big plans for me. He would want me to convert my J1 visa to H1. He even has a girl in mind for me to marry - Daughter of a restaurant owner. It is always funny and interesting to listen to Nagendra. He invited me home one evening and promised to drive us to Cripple Creek- a town filled with casinos. 

Today, one of my colleagues, Jennifer had her last day at office. My boss Alan sent out an email requesting people to join for a dinner with her. Since it was to go dutch, not many turned up. It was Alan, Jen, Peggy, Shawna, her friend and me. We had good time discussing various topics such as office, India, China etc. Alan talked about the pub hopping competition they used to have in college and how they would go from one pub to another trying a new drink in every place. Alan drove me back home. Alan is a great manager and a talented and good human being. He truly is a role model to me as a manager. 

After return, I did some shopping for tomorrow - I am hiking Pikes Peak!!!