La Mauvaise Foi

La liberté est ce que vous faites avec ce qui a été fait à vous.   (Freedom is what you do with what has been done to you) - Jean-Paul Sartre.   You try to wake up on time every morning. Sometimes you have had a good sleep, sometimes you haven’t, because you were anxious. You try to finish your morning routine as early as possible because you have to leave home by 8AM; to reach office by 9 AM. Office, a place where you spend at least 9 hours of your day, working on things that you probably do not even make use of. But they are important, because they are owned by someone else and they would sell it to other people and make money. You will have to help them make that money because a tiny fraction of that money becomes your salary. There is another person above you, whose primary job is to manage you and make sure you work as intended. You aspire to be that person someday, as he on the other hand, aspires to be the person above him. 

Old Fort Niagara

This morning, we checked out of Scottish Inn and drove to Old fort Niagara which is about 30 mins drive from the falls. This is a beautiful place and I would highly recommend it to anybody making a trip to the falls. The place was absolutely serene and formidable. 

There was a special show at the fort were a war between French and English army was being enacted. 

I specially enjoyed a leisure walk along the shores of lake Ontario.  The shades of water colour was very interesting to watch. 

Just when we were about to pull off from the parking lot, a flock of seagulls took flight creating this magical moment. 

Our drive back was fun. BJ brought up some interesting topics to debate upon and we discussed how expensive weddings in India was a waste of money. It was an interesting discussion and a weekend was well spent.