La Mauvaise Foi

La liberté est ce que vous faites avec ce qui a été fait à vous.   (Freedom is what you do with what has been done to you) - Jean-Paul Sartre.   You try to wake up on time every morning. Sometimes you have had a good sleep, sometimes you haven’t, because you were anxious. You try to finish your morning routine as early as possible because you have to leave home by 8AM; to reach office by 9 AM. Office, a place where you spend at least 9 hours of your day, working on things that you probably do not even make use of. But they are important, because they are owned by someone else and they would sell it to other people and make money. You will have to help them make that money because a tiny fraction of that money becomes your salary. There is another person above you, whose primary job is to manage you and make sure you work as intended. You aspire to be that person someday, as he on the other hand, aspires to be the person above him. 


The first 15 days of May was busy. I had a lot of work at office with my current project. Outside of work, I would go to Sai Mart and chat with my dear friend Nagendra. During one of the visits, he told me that there was a robbery at his shop the previous night. Someone had broken the glass and carried away the cash box. He also briefed me of a similar theft on his bank account. The culprit is now behind bars for three years. Slowly, the other side of the developed nation has begun to surface. After all, not everything is always rosy. 

Sundar and I enjoy a walk in the cottonwood creek park. During one such walks, he mentioned to a me about his experience at a New Life church he visited in the US. The visiting speaker, a pastor, was narrating his experience in India. He had apparently visited a slum in Chennai and thus had lot of bad opinion about India in general. He talked about how people were extremely poor, how parents threw their kids away into trash and on the contrary, how lucky they were to be living in the US. That was very embarrassing for the indians because generalising an experience is always wrong. The pastor went a step ahead and identified the root cause for all this chaos - Hinduism, the religion. This experience has made me more proud of my own religion and country. At least, we do not show disrespect to other religions and traditions. We do not promote that as a religion. 

At times, I drove alone in the town and driving is always a liberating experience. Tomorrow, Jonah, Seb and I are to leave to Indianapolis. We will be working there for a month. I am super excited to be in a new place.