Royal Gorge & Glenwood Springs

Our friend BJ, came over to Colorado springs from Indianapolis for a training. We drove to Royal Gorge on April 2nd. 

Its the world’s tallest suspension bridge.

We took a tram ride around the gorge. It was fun. A old man driving the toy train had stories that he has spotted a pregnant deer and if we were lucky then we could spot some on the way. 

BJ, Seb and I also did a small running race downhill. I think it was was just a decision in that moment to do something crazy and that really helped boost our enthusiasm in this trip. We drove over the bridge. One could also do bungee jumping here. 

We took inclined train down the gorge upto the Arkansas river. 

We returned back to Colorado Springs and directly drove to Saimart. Nagendra, the owner is a good friend of mine and he has opened a chat counter; the first day is free trail. We enjoyed some samosa and chats.

On April 5th, Jonah and I decided to take Seb and BJ to this place that we had discovered recently on our trip to Arches national park – Glenwood Canyons. 

Again the drive was amazing as the road winded between those gorgeous canyons. We stopped to play with snow for a while near a rest area.

At Glenwood Canyon Park, We did a small hike up a hill, jogged around the canyon and again observed two men fish. We some deers on the other side of the river. Also, a goods train passed by giving the whole place a 19th century feel.

I also saw this girl who seemed immersed in thoughts. The view made one of the best shots i had taken for its expression rather than the technicalities. 

On our way back we had a good discussion with BJ. He told us of how he disliked people spending loads of money on weddings and that his marriage, he would prefer it to be simple and without any glamour. We all disagreed on that. It was a good debate that followed which engaged all four of us.