Relaxed Month

A print of the US map now adorns my office cubicle. In which I have begun to colour the states I have visited; sometimes even if I have driven through and If there isn’t much to be seen. 

Most of March went by in work and relaxing weekends. We watched several movies on DVD. It’s hard to judge which Hindi movie is good, so we get every new movie available at the Indian stores. We watched several crappy films released during that time. I love the Crossenwitch served in Burger King. I would drive there on Sunday mornings and pack them for the three of us. We even tried the gym for a week until we got bored very easily. Of course there were my walks. I would go for a walk in cotton wood creek park or just around the apartment. I loved to see the surroundings in winter.

This was also a nice time to read and write. I began reading Michael cunningham’s " Flesh and Blood". I completed my first thriller short story called « Snow » which is inspired from my snow skidding experience. The idea behind naming it snow was the thought of snow covering what is beneath.

One weekend there was a very interesting case of Ashley Smith and Brain Nichols on news. The later had killed a judge and escaped from the court. He was convicted of raping his girlfriend. He then goes and kills a customs officer and runs away with his gun and car. At 5:00 am or something Ashley is returning home after shopping and is held hostage by Brian, in her own house. Something interesting happens. Ashley and Brain begin to talk. They discuss their life and their past. Ashley reads out a spiritual book which changes Brain. She walks out of the house and calls 911. I curiously watched the entire episode. The FBI surrounding the house and capturing Brain was live on all news channels.This is one of the inspiring stories that I shall always remember. 

We went to a dance drama called "Thorn" in the church that Jonah visits. It was based on the life of Jesus and had some really impressive firework and dance. It was well presented.