Go Denver - Oceans Journey

February was a time of exploration. We were all enthusiastic about driving around and exploring new places.

Seb and I went to Denver one of the weekends and we kind of got lost and ended up in front of an aquarium called Oceans Journey. So we thought it would be cool to try that out. The aquarium experience was good. Even though we saw better one’s later, this remains to be a special one, because it was Par hazard that we landed there.

We roamed around in Denver downtown for a while and then stopped at Woodlands hotel. A dosa festival was a pleasant surprise there.

At work, we have a new receptionist, Morin. She is very friendly and always strikes an interesting conversation. She would tell me stories from her hometown in Hawai, about her 11 year old son who plays hockey.

One day, we witnessed a beautiful sight on our way to office. The entire place was covered with ice. Not exactly snow but as though everything was covered with crystal of ice. These pictures can speak for themselves.

Seb and I made another trip to Denver to watch a hindi film called "Shabd." At times when ever i could i took out the car during the night and drove alone for a while around the city. It’s so much of fun to do that. If I was not driving, I would walk around the apartment complex during the night. With my mind full of interesting thoughts, as I walked below the same sky, it did not make a difference where I was; i enjoyed every bit of it.