Dinning, Driving & Donuts!

It's already winter and gets dark at 4:30 in the evening. That is too early for me to say its dark but I like this big difference. Suresh, our boss was in Colorado for few days. On one of the weekends we went on a long drive after lunch. We took I25 till Denver and then I40 west. It was a fun drive with excellent views of the mountains. We stopped near a gas station at Idaho Springs and returned back. On the way Suresh gave us some tips on driving in Interstate.

On our way back, we stopped at a rest area on I25. This place was covered with snow. Jonah & I turned kids by throwing snow ball at each other.

One of the evenings during Suresh's visit, Alan invited us for a dinner at a Mexican restaurant. His family joined too. I am beginning to love the mexican food and the spices resemble that of Indian.

At office, I also befriend a very kind man called Fred who is in his mid 40's. Fred took Suresh, Jonah and me for lunch at an indian restaurant called - “Taste of India”. A very strange thing happened here. A bunch of daily labourers sat next to us and while Fred was speaking they began to comment. Fred ignored them completely and that helped them to return back to their work. I found their behavior strange and Fred's behavior very wise. If I look back at this incident now, I also feel the strong class distinction that builds hatred and jealousy among citizens.

During one other weekend, we invited Mike and Peggy for lunch at India palace restaurant. After which, Suresh drove us up the Pikes Peak. Since it had snowed heavily last week up in the mountains we could only drive till 12,500 ft. The road ahead was still blocked. Even though we could not make it to the summit, we enjoyed every bit of that drive. The mountain looked so different to me from how it appeared the last time I drove up in August. The trees were partially covered by snow and their new look was awesome.

It was interesting to notice how COS was slowly transforming into a different appearance, a different town itself by covering itself with layers of snow.

With another Colleague Bob inviting us to an Indian restaurant called Mirch Masala, we had now tried all three Indian restaurants in COS. Sweet old couple, Bob and his wife, talked a lot about US and India.

It was very nice of Brett to gift me 8 DVD's of old movies, mostly thrillers. He also came over to over place to watch “Rear window”, a brilliant Hitchcock film.

At my driving class, I completed my Residential, Rural and freeway driving. I had a very good instructor called Dennis. He was a cop before; had to take a break after a recent injury to his leg. During our Freeway classes, I drove almost 20 miles at a speed of not less than 75 miles per hour and it was awesome.  We also took the roads to Black forest which was an impressive drive. But influenced by Indian road conditions, in a signal, while taking a left turn, i crossed the median and drove to oncoming traffic. That was foolish and funny.

It was Dennis who introduced me to Dunkin Donuts. One evening he drove me to the store on 8th Street close to downtown and treated me with a  glazed donut. It tasted like heaven. That was when i got hooked to the donuts. When I informed Brett about who got hooked me on to donuts, he laughed loudly as there goes a saying that the cops are always found at a donut store. Dennis explained that during night shifts, Dunkin donuts was the only store open and they would always stop there to grab a coffee. He and his friends would grab dozen donuts and some coffee to stay awake all night.

Dennis always had such interesting stories to tell me while we drove. He was also enthusiastic to know about India. One thing that always surprised me was that Americans shared their personal life very openly to strangers on the other hand Indians are tight lipped about it. It was an interesting difference to notice.

During the month I began writing my first novel – “Miasma”.

Sebastian, another colleague of ours from India arrived on 14th. Now all three rooms in the apartment are occupied.

I enjoy my drives to plant which is about 20 miles from office and this was due to excellent views of the city that I get to see on the way . I felt good about the fact that I was right here, in one of those places where I always dreamt to be in. I wanted to pen down every thought, every moment; happiness that this sight brought.

Peggy helped with my shopping of gifts to Anu and family. I am all excited of the trip to LA, to visit my sister during the Thanksgiving vacation.