An Eventful Month

The month passed by with some fun, some writing, some get together and some boring hours.

On the labors day weekend, I was scheduled for a driving class in Pikes Peak Community college. But since both Peggy and I did not pay any attention to the classroom number, We had trouble searching for the room. As a result I could not attend the class that day. So Peggy asked me, If I wanted to join her and Aditi on a trip to Denver. I happily agreed. We went to a Library where Peggy and her friends had some project work to do. Aditi and I read some books. After that we dropped Aditi at the Denver International Airport as she was fluing to Minneapolis to visit her sister.

Since it was summer, it did not get dark until 8:45 in the night. So I always felt that I had lot of free time after returning back home. Free hours and idle time makes people revisit their hobbies, so I utilized this time in writing. I wrote a few stories, few poems and some articles. When i needed break from writing, I watched movies on television. I was loving this lethargic life.

While Peggy was away on vacation, Dipen or another colleague from office called Evan who lived close by would give me a ride.

One weekend, Dipen, Aditi and I had a movie evening at Dipen’s place. And when I missed my family and friends, I made long calls to India. I had stories to tell and may be I bored people on the other end.

17th September, was a memorable evening. Ernest, a colleague from office, wanted to watch a Hindi film. So Aditi and I invited him home to watch a movie. Peggy, Mike and Brett also wanted to join in for the movie night and also did a friend of Aditi named Debra. So it was a great evening. Aditi and I had fun explaining the Indian tradition and culture.

We had Pizzas and coke for dinner. Aditi and I cooked an Indian dish called Poha. Mike liked it a lot.

The very next day I had driving class. Finally some actual driving after theory classes. We had 2 days of driving where we were taught necessary skills, like threshold brake, Slalom drive and driving on icy conditions. I shall never forget these two days of my life. On the first day I took the car out of the track, on to the grass scaring my instructors, Tom and Jamie. This was the first time I was ever driving on my own and thus had some starting problem but then on I picked up. 

By the end of the second day, everyone had to drive their parents around. So Peggy was my parent. I think i did a good job. And the instructor Tom became a good friend. He gave me his phone number so that while he goes on cave exploration and hiking I could join him. I thought that was cool but I never called him.

I also had a driving theory class in Pikes Peak College, Surprisingly I enjoyed this class. I started mingling with the kids. It was fun to know them. I also met an Indian professor who teaches communication.

A funny haircut experience happened. I went to a saloon near my house. The lady was so slow in cutting the hair that she used to pick not more than four hairs to cut them at the tip and then she moved to the next four. By the end, i was frustrated to see no change in my hair style. However she billed me $20. I was later introduced to cost cutters where asian women just shaved your head in no time using a cutter for just $10.

At office, I had a new team member named Paul Gardner. Paul and I will be working on the same project.

I mostly enjoyed my stay but there were times when I wondered why I was here? away from everything I have known. And sometimes I badly missed being in Bangalore with my friends.