Sister's Visit

On August 14th, my sister Anu, my brother-in-law Nagaraj and my sweet little, one and half year old niece Varsha arrived to COS from LA. It was good to see them after almost more than two years. Anu had prepared  and carried with her lots of Indian dishes. For me, it was a treat to taste the good Indian food after almost a week.

The same evening we went to downtown Colorado Springs. Both my sister and my Brother-in-law noticed how small a city this was as compared to LA. But for me, this was the perfect place to be in; People, neither less enough to call it isolated, nor more to call it a crowd. We walked around the downtown for a while and stopped by Starbucks for some coffee. By now my niece Varsha was getting to know me a little better who was earlier too shy and hid behind her mother.

Next day, we drove up the Pikes peak, one of the tallest mountains in COS and the most beautiful i had witnessed thus far, so closely. I was overwhelmed with joy when i heard we could drive up this 14100 ft high mountain.

It was a 20 miles drive to the peak. It was extremely cold and windy up there making it difficult to stay there for long. Californians and an Indian who had never stayed close to mountains had forgotten their jacket back home. But the view superseded that coldness. It was breath taking.

On top of the pikes peak, I remember thinking how insignificant I am in between the mighty nature. I always felt that while i sat by the beach in my hometown and now I was on top of a might mountain and the feeling remained the same. The vastness of nature always easily conquered me and my thoughts.

Garden of Gods  is another park int he city. Its a beautiful place with sand stones. We had our packed lunch at the park. People seemed to admire the balancing rock and other almond colored rock formations but having seen many such sights from where i come from, it was not much of a surprise for me.

Later that day, we drove to Denver, which is around one hour drive from Springs. Denver is relatively a larger city than springs with then about half a million population. 16th street at Denver downtown is very beautiful and on this day it seemed very quiet and picturesque. 

We tried looking for some Indian grocery store. We did not find the one we had looked up on the net but instead found a newly opened store. We bought some spices and then drove to hotel Woodlands in Aurora. While my sister and BIL enjoyed the food, I had a hard time with it. My sister told me that I could not expect the taste like in India and overtime would begin to love this. I did not doubt her on that.

On Monday the 16th, my sister left back to LA. I assured her that I shall be flying soon to her place. It was a great weekend and thanks to my sister for  giving me a home like experience in this new land.